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The Call - Ben Peasley

The Call - Ben Peasley

Welcome back to another episode of The Call presented by Hubboards. In this episode, Dave Hubbard calls up Ben Peasley from the Gold Coast of Australia!

Ben Peasley is a super passionate family-man and devoted business man that rips at bodyboarding, riding both prone and dropknee! Please listen to what Ben and Dave had to say about the waves in Queensland, the family life, his favorite bodyboards, and more on The Call.

Mahalo for watching!

Hosted by Dave Hubbard
Featuring Ben Peasley
Additional Photos and Video by Danny Taylor, Ryan Parsons, Joel Stafford, Matt Bond, Richard Goldner, Marty Mawson, Dylz Photos, Border Surf Tours, Malachi Films, MJ Creative, Matthew Tanaka, and Luke Workman