Jeff Hubbard - North Shore Sessions 2019

Jeff Hubbard - North Shore Sessions 2019

Please enjoy this video of Multiple-time Bodyboard World Champion, Jeff Hubbard scoring amazing surf on the North Shore riding all his newest Hubboards gear. In this video Hubb is seen bodyboarding Pipeline, Backdoor, Waimea Bay Shorebreak, Rocky Point, Haleiwa and more!

Featuring Jeff Hubbard

Filmed and Edited by Matthew Tanaka

Additional Footage by Josh Trotter, Rory Pringle, Tomas Bello, Tomo Mcpherson, Tim Reardon, Brendan Norris, Chris Kincade, Thiago Limeira and Jessica Becker

Cover Photo by Tim Whitfield

Music by Kyuss "Whitewater"

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