Hauoli VF


The Hauoli VF (Volume, Flex) bodyboard, designed by Legendary Hawaiian Bodyboard Icon Hauoli Reeves. The Hauoli VF offers a substantial increase in volume compared to the average bodyboard through increased thickness and an old school wide-body template. Flex is not compromised as it is equipped with nose flex contours and the Interchangeable Stringer System, which allows modifying the board’s flex for all conditions.  Vintage Appeal with Modern Design!


  • High Volume
  • ISS (interchangeable stringer system)
  • One base flex ISS stringer
  • Nose flex contours
  • Kinetic Poly Pro Core
  • Surlyn Slick
  • Mesh
  • 60/40 rails

Dimensions: Length x Nose x Width (Nose-to-Wide Point) x Tail x Thickness with Volume in Liters

42” x 13.5”x 22.25” @19.5 x 19” x 60mm with 26 Liters in Volume

43” x 13.75”x 22 5/8" @ 20"x19.5” x 61mm with 27.6 Liters in Volume