The Hubboards Story


Legendary World Champion Bodyboarders & Brothers Jeff and Dave Hubbard launched Hubboards in 2013, with World Champion Jared Houston joining the company in 2018.  With 15 World Titles between them currently, the journey began decades ago rising from frothing grommets, up through the amateur ranks to aspiring pro's, to multiple world champions.  
Their success story is cultivated throughout the Hubboards brand, with the specialized products they create being at the forefront of the evolution of bodyboarding equipment. 
Driven by their dedication, 
constant design refinement, daily research and development, collective knowledge and experience, Hubboards proudly stands behind all of our products, no gimmicks just progress and performance. The ultimate goal of the Hubboards brand revolution is helping to bring more fun and function to bodyboarding.

See you in the tube!

Mahalo, Gracias, Cheers, Obrigado, Merci and Arigato,

Jeff & Dave Hubbard & Jared Houston

Jeff Hubbard- Boogie BIO

One of the greatest bodyboarders of all time, the king of airs & inventor of such iconic aerial maneuvers as the 720, Rewind, Inverse and the Air Hubb. A 3x World Champion, 6x Pipeline Champion, and 11x National Champion (with 8 professional & 3 amateur titles). With 17 World Tour event wins, and an amazing 53 professional contest victories. Jeff has a Masters in Business Administration degree and helps run a non profit called Kaikeha inc. which focuses on putting on bodyboarding events for the youth. Jeff lives on Oahu with his family and operates the Hubboards business.

Dave Hubbard- Boogie BIO

Dave holds an unprecedented 9 drop knee World Titles and is the most decorated drop knee rider of all time.  Charging drop knee on second reef pipe bombs to landing the first drop knee roll. Dave is one of the most versatile bodyboarders ever and has won in the stand up bodyboarding category, as well as such iconic international world tour events in the men's prone division in Sintra, Portugal and in the Maldives. Dave lives in Hawai'i with his wife, and is the Hubboards team manager. Besides Bodyboarding Dave gives back to his local community in many ways, one of those is the National Tropical Botanical Garden's Breadfruit Institute which receives 2% of the profits from Dave's DubZero swim fin.

Jared Houston- Boogie BIO

Growing up in Cape Town, South Africa Jared traveled the world as a teenage bodyboard phenom. After winning 2 World Titles and multiple international events, Jared is considered one of the most popular bodyboarders known for his stylish and technical riding well as boosting extreme aerial maneuvers. Jared currently lives in Puerto Rico with his family, owns and operates Houston bodyboard camps and manages Hubboards social media.

Hubboards - The Movie from Riptide Mag on Vimeo.