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Episode 7 - Out Now

Episode 7 - Out Now

This episode features Jeff and Dave Hubbard scoring incredible waves on the beautiful valley isle of Maui using all their latest Hubboards bodyboards, fins, wetsuits, leashes and accessories. We hope you enjoy all the amazing dropknee rides by Dave Hubbard and the spectacular high-flying action from Jeff Hubbard, including his signature maneuver called the Air Hubb! Congratulations to Dave Hubbard for winning the 2016 APB Dropknee Bodyboard World Title and to Jeff Hubbard on becoming the 2016 Hawaii Bodyboarding Pro Tour Men's Champion.


Hubboards 2016 // Episode 7 from Hubboards Movies on Vimeo.

Featuring Jeff & Dave Hubbard
Filmed and Edited by Matthew Tanaka
Additional Footage by Kaiahi Kealoha, Wade Saunders and Jansen Souza
Music by Alessa feat. Tove Lo "Heroes - Amtrac Remix"