The Hubbs

When Evolution Becomes Revolution.
The Champions Brand.


Who are the Hubbs?

Jeff and Dave Hubbard are brothers that are synonymous with bodyboarding. They grew up in Hawaii on the island of Kauai and exploded on to the scene in the late 90’s and have dominated the last decade of bodyboarding in Hawaii, the U.S and all around the World. With their new global brand “Hubboards” expect these two talented humans to be doing even more amazing riding near you soon.

Jeff Hubbard

Jeff Hubbard is an icon in the sport of bodyboarding. He has been inspiring riders for generations and to this day continues to push the boundaries of both aerial and competitive bodyboarding. Jeffs achievements are legendary and to watch him continuously perform at the highest levels possible is pure excitement.

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Dave Hubbard

Dave Hubbard is regarded as the world’s most versatile bodyboarder. Whether it be dropknee, prone or stand-up; Dave can do them all. Dave possesses his own unique style and flare and his unconventional technique makes him unpredictable and very entertaining.

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