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Jeff Hubbard

Jeff Hubbard is an icon in the sport of bodyboarding. He has been inspiring riders for generations and to this day continues to push the boundaries of both ariel and competitive bodyboarding. Jeffs achievements are legendary and to watch him continuously perform at the highest levels possible is pure excitement.

Three-time IBA World Champion (2006, 2009, 2012)
Four-time IBA Pipeline Champion (2003, 2007,2011,2012)
Eleven-time United States National Title Holder (8 professional and 3 amateur)

Tahiti Teahupoo Challenge winner 2016

Sintra Portugal Pro Champion 2009
Peruvian Inka Challenge Champion 2009
Canary Islands El Fronton Wild Wild Wave Champion 2010
Mexico Zigatela Pro Champion 2011, 2012
Encanto Pro Champion 2012, 2015
Port Macquarie festival of Bodyboarding Champion 2012